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Restoration Projects

1896 Trowbridge Upright Piano

The strings on this beautiful upright piano could not be tuned without breaking. Keeping the piano as original as possible, while staying within my clients budget, I was able to bring this fine instrument back to life.


I repaired a few loose ribs and cracks on the soundboard, re-calculated the string scale and restrung using German music wire. The action required minimal repair. I repined a few flanges, reshaped the original hammers, installed new dampers and gave it a fine regulation. I also rubbed out the original finish and restored its complete set of ivories. 




1968 Steinway L Grand  

This is a wonderful 5' 10 1/2" grand by Steinway.  The model "L", sometimes refurred to as the "parlor grand", is Steinways smallest professional artist instrument. 

The soundboard was in excellent condition with the exception of three small cracks along one grain line.  I was able to repair the area (the "whiter" strip on the soundboard) and maintain the original finish on the rest of the board. The base bridge was loose and seperating on one end when under string tension.    

The original black satin finish had several dings, dents and scratches. I repaired the cabinet and refinished the piano in a wonderful black medium rub lacquer.

I used a high quality German music wire and followed the original Steinway string scale. WOW!! What a sound!! It made the hair on my arms jump up!! 

Pianos built by Steinway in the mid 60's have Teflon bushings in the action. Many of these pianos developed a "clicking" sound when the keys were pressed. The last stage of restoration for this piano was replacing all the action components with new German parts made by Renner.

1913 Trayser Upright

Here are a few pictures of an upright piano I had the privilege to restore for one of my clients. When properly repaired, these old uprights can produce a tone comparable to mid sized grands.

As you can see, the cabinet was painted green. The sound board had several cracks and a few loose ribs. I shimmed up the cracks and tightened the ribs and then gave the sound board a new finish.  There were a few minor problems with the treble bridge that I was able to repair, but the base bridge required replacement. 

Using newer techniques to analyze the string scale then were available when this fine instrument was made, I was able to enhance the tone and tuning stability.

My client wanted the piano to compliment the other fine antiques in her home. This is an open pour lacquerer finish over a walnut stained mahogany veneer. At the time of this picture, I had yet to complete the restoration of the original ivory keys.

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